TTF Members That Keep Us Online!

26 July 2014

An online community such as The Trombone Forum owes its existence first and foremost to those who participate in keeping the community alive--without our users, our entire raison d'etre would collapse. You see, an establishment as successful as The Trombone Forum is, at some level, a commonwealth. To all participants in our Forum, users of the Gallery, the Cookbook, and other related online initiatives, we offer a heartfelt "thank you."

Going further, however, we who labor in the background to keep all these places running smoothly and reliably reserve a special, even more "heartfelter" thank you for those of you who value the services we offer enough to actually dive into your collective pocketbooks to help pay for all of "this." Here on the Forum we don't ask for monetary support that often, and the most recent was over a year ago. During each we strive to raise in the neighborhood of $3,000-$4,000 to defray expenses. The response is always wonderful. Thank you.

What you see below is a listing of all those denizens of all the varied services we offer who have donated to the cause in the last year. This list is updated weekly, on Sunday. If you donated and your name isn't visible, let us know immediately!

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Kindest regards,
Dr. Richard L. Byrd
Owner-person, The Trombone Forum

Trombone Forum Supporters who have given within the last year