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 on: Today at 05:16 AM 
Started by EWadie99 - Last post by bonesmarsh
Like many other young people here on TTF I recall that the poster does post on youtube frequently.

We don't now who the teacher is. I believe that most teachers would be hesitant to have anything recorded by a student that might end up on youtube in future.

 on: Today at 05:11 AM 
Started by Baron von Bone - Last post by timothy42b
I can't think of any country where the Christians believe in death to converts.

Islam is 570 years or so younger.

The history of Christianity is filled with killings for minor theological differences.

Of course you're familiar with the Filioque Clause?  No small amount of death over whether the Holy Spirit "proceedeth from the Father" versus "proceedeth from the Father AND the Son." 

Look at Protestants vs Catholics in Europe for a few centuries of war. 

For that matter, look at the crusades, though I'm not sure to what extent that was theological versus economic. 

 on: Today at 04:50 AM 
Started by patrickosmith - Last post by boneagain

I'm not sure if you're referring to me, but if so I'd like to reaffirm that nothing but good has come from this. I have no residual pains or issues whatsoever from this, what started out as an experiment ended up as a game changer.

My experience was more subtle than Bob's, with the temporomandibular joint issues.  Although, now that I think on it, that joint has not been terribly well behaved for me even after reverting to my "natural" bite.

The problem was chronic use.  I spent so many hours a day with my jaw misaligned that it threw off my bite.  For players who DO adjust their jaws it is likely worth asking the dentist to check occlusion SPECIFICALLY.  If jaw shifts can be attained WITHOUT making them a habit, then no harm should come to the occlusion (matching of teeth, especially molars.)  If jaw shifts become a habit, the problem can show up years after the habit is well-set.

It is much better to keep ahead of this if you DO shift your jaw.  Last I looked, there weren't any cheap or even very effective ways of undoing damage to the temporomandibular.  And as I mentioned in my previous post, I suspect the occlusion adjustments I had to accomodate the shift, then accomodate going back, contributed to some very expensive crown work decades later.

 on: Today at 04:14 AM 
Started by chris612 - Last post by chris612
Thanks for all the information! I actually just brought it with me to my orientation with a practice mute and it was great, fit in my duffel bag and everything. Thanks again!


 on: Today at 03:39 AM 
Started by jedrph - Last post by jedrph
hello all. Up for sale is my Bach 42A. It has a standard yellow bell, yellow slide and Hagmann valve. I've had the horn for about 12 years since it was brand new. The slide is a 9.5/10 and it plays extremely well. I'm parting with it to upgrade to a Schilke hopefully. It comes with 2 removable pressfit leadpipes - the original Bach and a MV42 seamed copper pipe made by brass ark. Also, it will come in the standard Bach brown canvas zipper case. The horn is almost perfect. There is a tiny ding in the slide bow (see pics)and an even smaller one in the f-attachment tubing. There is some very minor wear at the contact points. For those of you that don't know me, I am pretty OCD when it comes to cleanliness and function of my horns and I have maintained this horn very well. It has probably the best valve for the 42 that I have ever played IMO. I've played a 42b, 42T and settled on the hagmann valve. I'm asking $2300 for the horn (paypal friends/family). I'll pay shipping to CONUS, sorry but no international orders. I hate to let it go, but I found a schilke big bore that I instantly fell in love with! Pics are at the link below. Feel free to PM or email mail with questions/offers/concerns.

 on: Today at 03:15 AM 
Started by Bevador - Last post by Alex
Taking all things in to consideration, quality/price/consistency/longevity etc, the Yamaha 354 has to be right up there as one of the best small bore horns ever.

 on: Today at 12:41 AM 
Started by patrickosmith - Last post by Pre59

In desperation, I fixed my "classic" English teeth overbite problem by pushing my lower jaw out and holding it at the point of pain for about 5 minutes a few times a day. After a few weeks it stopped hurting and my jaw has settled into a new resting position, with my upper and lower set more aligned.
I've also had my top and bottom front teeth levelled.
No regrets about any of this, I wish that I'd done it decades ago, and the only minus is a slightly reduced lower range and weight. The plus has been a more stable attack and tone, and a much better recovery after long regular sets.

Better late than never IMO..

To the fellow who had the habit of thrusting his jaw forward --- I sympathize.  I found it to be useful, again, during my formative years, but when my jaw began making "clicking" noises and the dentist said that it would be necessary to open the joint of the jaw to scrape the channel where the two jawbones intersect to correct the problem, I immediately stopped protruding my jaw when playing.  I think it's called self preservation !

I'm not sure if you're referring to me, but if so I'd like to reaffirm that nothing but good has come from this. I have no residual pains or issues whatsoever from this, what started out as an experiment ended up as a game changer.

 on: Today at 12:14 AM 
Started by UTPride1992 - Last post by nelson31
I have an LB I and I8 if you are interested. Email me at nelson31600@gmail.com

 on: Today at 12:05 AM 
Started by Jim Bermann - Last post by Jim Bermann
For Sale: Kanstul/Shires Bass Leadpipe
Minick OL (Open Legit) - $85

Threads fit both Kanstul and Shires
Bass Trombones. Pipe is new, price
includes shipping.

Jim Bermann

 on: Yesterday at 11:48 PM 
Started by goldentone - Last post by vikingbone
Spot on answer from Ben.
I have just bought a wonderful 1958 Mt Vernon Bach 42.
Interestingly, it does have gold brass slide tubes, unlike any other Bach 42s I have seen.
It plays way better than any newer Bachs I have tried. I believe the gold brass slide gives some of its beautiful ovetones (yellow bell by the way).
I dont know why Bach is not offering this option still.

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