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Author Topic: Stolen Greg Black mouthpiece  (Read 3623 times)
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« Reply #100 on: Jun 02, 2017, 11:07AM »

Glad to hear that there was resolution. Just a horrible situation. USPS really needs to up their game on things like this.

Of course this also means that if you ever lose something in the mail, might be a good idea to look at the government overstock websites. Supposedly USPS does not do in person auctions anymore, and all will be posted online.

There was a story of one guy who had shipped some new editions of his book to sell at a show, and a few boxes got lost. Then he found the new edition, which had not even been released yet, being sold on amazon. The messed up thing was that he found them being sold only a week after they were overdue.

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« Reply #101 on: Jun 02, 2017, 11:23AM »

Apparently, it hasn't hurt either! lol

Glad it was returned!  Good!

This isn't helping Zach get his mouthpiece back.

I'm sending a secure message to Cramden, asking him to remove the BOLO on the mouthpiece. There's some chatter on the dark web about a hijacked shipment of illudium phosdex.....

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« Reply #102 on: Jun 03, 2017, 07:02AM »

I got the mouthpiece back today. No damage and it is i. The original bag. I have been trying to contact the seller to pay him but he isn't answering.
All in all a crappy situation that turned out great. Now I am going to insure it and send it to Greg again!

That's good to hear!  Good!

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