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The Trombone ForumCreation and PerformanceMusical Miscellany(Moderators: JP, BGuttman) buying off craigslist experiences good and bad
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Author Topic: buying off craigslist experiences good and bad  (Read 2474 times)
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greg waits
« on: Dec 03, 2015, 03:07PM »

I have made a few deals here and there on CL, selling as well as buying. Most of the time it is pleasant.

Yesterday not so much. But it wasn't a disaster.

I saw a 23H Conn listed for sale. Hearing that this can be a donor horn for .500 bore slide tubes I responded. The seller offered to drop by. Normally I'd pass, but since I am tied up (erecting a new shed this week) I agreed.

He comes by. Over the phone I asked him if the slide was smooth and in good shape. He said he thought so.

I could barely get the outer slide to come off! Not dented bad, but needing work. But the inners were very clean. he wanted $125. I asked if he consider $90. $100 he replies. I told him the bell is beat to hell and I had no need for any of the horn except as a donor.

He asked about the band I play in and I show him our last two CDs.

I put my 6H bell on the slide section to see how the slide would blow. Weird it didn't slot right at all>

I look at the cork barrel for the model # to confirm it was indeed a 23H. Nope. 18H which is off course .485)

I said sorry this is not the right bore. It is not a 23H. Turns out he bought the horn in a garage sale and he is NOT a trombone player. By this time that didn't surprise me one bit.

I told him sorry I know you brought the horn to me, but I can't use it. He then says "How about $60? I said the only thing worth a dime is the counterweight.

As he was leaving I had to stop him. He was walking out with my 2 CDs in hand.

Sorry I said. No response. He walked away pouting

Oh well
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« Reply #1 on: Dec 03, 2015, 10:37PM »

My best experience would have to be seeing an ad labeled as "trombone" with nothing else but a fuzzy picture of a trombone

I looked at the horn, saw the counterweight and nickel plating on the tuning slide and realized it was more than a student horn

I went there and looked at the horn and discovered it was a Conn 12H with a great slide

Paid $50 for it

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« Reply #2 on: Dec 03, 2015, 10:53PM »

My best experience on Craigslist ended up not really on craigslist after all.

To explain that I bought the horn from a pawn shop.

Man in SC had a getzen 3047AF up for around $2200 on craigslist. I saw the ad and called him up immediately. Turns out the guy needed fast cash so he sold it to a pawn shop for $400 dollars. Quickly I called the pawn shop up and got a steal of a deal. Paid $1100 including cleaning and tech work.

Sounds like the guy was testing the waters with you using that horn. I'd never have someone swing by my home that I dont know. Especially off of craigslist Amazed

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« Reply #3 on: Dec 08, 2015, 06:32PM »

Good: (1977) While attending college I paid $20 to a pawn shop for a trombone.  The horn was shiny and its case was similar to a King coffin case.   Brought it to northern VA and sold it for $150.  An easy $130! Ouch:  It was an Olds Super trombone (with extra silver rim on bell and grooved slide.  I should have kept it, but mistakenly quit practicing trombone after high school. 

Bad:  (2012) Bought a brand new $99 tbone on eBay.  The slide bent while playing it.  Good: Removed tuning slide and now use the bell section as a funnel for adding oil to the car, lawnmower, etc.

Good: (also in 2012) Went to buy a bicycle listed on Craigslist.  The bike was too small.  Noticed a dusty trombone case in their garage.  The people were moving;  they said the trombone would be free if I bought something. So I offered them $10 for a scrap piece of lumber.  A Bach student trombone. Better: I had not practiced for 35 years.  Started practicing again! 


Bluegrass Trombone?

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« Reply #4 on: Dec 08, 2015, 06:49PM »

Saw an that said just "King trombone".  No model number, no pictures.  Called and asked if the bell brace was straight or had a bend near the bell.  It had a bend.  Got a King 2B in very good condition for a really good price. 

Saw another ad about five years later that said it was a King Model 3946 or some other invalid number, can't remember.  Blurry picture, but it had the curved bell brace.  Called for details - the number the posted was on the slide, the bell said 2B+.  Nabbed that one too! 


I'm not a total idiot - there are still a few pieces missing!

King 3B-F, King 4B-F, Holton TR-180
greg waits
« Reply #5 on: Dec 13, 2015, 07:22AM »

Removed tuning slide and now use the bell section as a funnel for adding oil to the car, lawnmower, etc.

Douglas Fur
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« Reply #6 on: Mar 16, 2016, 08:05PM »

I avoid meeting people at my house.  I usually propose to meet at the parking of a local library. Neutral and safe if things get weird.

Good: Bought my YSL 641 at a library. The security guard walks by, sees the money hand off and humorously says "What's in the case, Cocaine?" Turns out he also played in High School and still had his 3B. The horn I bought had been the seller's HS horn as well as his Dad's.

Better: I was selling a Bundy student horn in good condition. The buyer was a non-playing Mom and hesitant about buying from a guy she hadn't met. She brings along her Dad for back up. Turns out he was a retired band teacher. we had a nice talk and approved the sale.

Bad: I'm a sucker for sad dog stories, can't get through a James Harriot story without a tear. So when I see a said dog of a horn I think "Aw, it needs a home." and too often buy it.

Seola Creek

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« Reply #7 on: Mar 10, 2017, 05:22AM »

I don't have any experience with buying on Craigslist but I did sell a Yamaha Tuba that way and it worked out well. Buyer came to my home. I had expected to haggle over the price a little so I had priced it slightly higher than I would settle for it (it was an ugly but nice playing YBB-321),  I asked $1000 for it he offered $800 we met in the middle at $900.00.  He tried the horn with his mouthpiece (a no name piece of crap) his tone sounded terrible.  I pulled out a Conn Heilleburg and handed it to him and said here try this.  His tone instantly improved, not great but much better, I think that helped make the sale.
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