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Author Topic: Public Domain?  (Read 392 times)
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« on: Dec 01, 2016, 08:57AM »

I lead a trio which performs what might be called French and Italian "salon" music: various waltzes, mazurkas, tangos, and traditional tunes based on European folk songs. Many are transcriptions or arrangements of old, early recordings and are clearly in the public domain. Some are marked copyright (encircled "c") and a date.  Others are marked copyright, date, PD; others are marked simply copyright PD.

Am I correct to believe that those marked PD are, in fact, public domain tunes which can be performed without the venue paying a license fee?  Does a copyright date followed by PD have the same meaning as copyright PD?
I'm trying to avoid problems the venue owner might have with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC police.  She only allows original songs (no covers) and known tunes in the public domain. As most of our book contains European selections, does that present issues for performance here in USA?  We do not want this kind lady to suffer any consequences as the result of our ignorance . . .

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« Reply #1 on: Dec 01, 2016, 09:06AM »

Does a "PD" mark have any status under copyright law? I suspect it would be meaningless in court.

Researching it would be the only way to know for sure.

How to Determine Whether a Work is in the Public Domain


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